Tell Us Your Story

Welcome to CCUSA’s Storybank, a tool that allows staff of Catholic Charities member agencies – and anyone touched by the Catholic Charities ministry – to share insights and memories of people realizing their inherent dignity: stories that relate everything from overcoming an addiction to finding sustainable employment and affordable housing. One of the best ways to make an impact on the important issues that the Catholic Charities ministry addresses is to show how people are actually helped: what was the specific issue?; how was it resolved?; what did Catholic Charities do?; was there a government program that was essential to the process?

The stories collected through this tool will be used to raise national awareness of the work of the Catholic Charities network including, but not limited to, posting to CCUSA’s website and online platforms, sharing with national media outlets and policymakers, and featuring in future issues of Charities USA. Please note: All submissions will clearly credit the respective member agency.

Please share your story so others may hear and be inspired to support our work.